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The company "Rustechnology" provides prompt qualified user support for the operation of all types of products and software systems. Before contacting technical support, please read the contents of the «FAQ section». Perhaps it is there that you will find answers to your questions.

The main functions and tasks of the service center:

  • Customer support on all issues through telephone consultations and remote administration.
  • Information support.
  • Legal support.
  • Ensuring smooth operation and assisting our customers in emergency situations.
  • Troubleshooting for repair and replacement.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.
  • Accounting and systematization of appeals.
  • Interaction with dealers.

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Warranty Conditions and Repair

  • The presence of a product warranty provides for free troubleshooting during the warranty period arising from the fault of the manufacturer, subject to the conditions specified in the passport by the consumer.
  • The warranty does not apply to the repair of products whose malfunction occurred due to the fault of the consumer due to violation of the conditions of storage, transportation, installation and operation.
  • The manufacturer does not bear any warranty in case of violation of a self-destructive seal-sticker, as well as if there are mechanical damage.

Paid Repair

The service center provides after-sales service for products on a paid basis, while the warranty for repairs is 12 months. Payment of the cost of repairs and work performed is made by bank transfer on the basis of invoices issued.

Additional information on the cost of work can be obtained from the specialists of the service center.

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Troubleshooting Actions

In case of malfunctions, please contact the manufacturer’s service center by phone 8 (800) 250-88-94 (toll-free in Russia) or send a request by e-mail

If the problem could not be solved remotely, then you must send the product to identify the cause of the malfunction to the nearest authorized service center.

The list of necessary supporting documents when delivering the product to a service center for warranty and post-warranty repairs and maintenance:

  • Passport for the product.
  • Check for the purchase of the product.
  • A cover letter describing the nature of the defect or a list of necessary work, with the obligatory indication of the date of contact, serial number, address and contact information of the sender, for the return of the finished product.

Delivery for warranty repairs is carried out by the Customer or his representative by postal parcel with registered notice, or by a transport company.

An examination is carried out in the service center, the cause of the failure and the list of works and spare parts required for restoration are established, and a/not confirmation of the warranty case is made.

When confirming the warranty case, all work on the restoration of the product (including transportation costs) is carried out at the expense of the manufacturer. If the warranty case is not confirmed, all work on the restoration of the product is carried out at the expense of the consumer or dealer.


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