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Russian automation technologies

"Rustechnology" company is a leading Russian developer of household automation software systems and a manufacturer of energy-efficient equipment (intelligent telemetry modules for resource metering units).

Also, we carry out the design and implementation of integrated systems for monitoring and managing housing facilities.

Using the developed top-level software, the engineers of our company integrate systems into a single remote monitoring and control of geographically distributed objects of resource supply networks.

Rusthechnology LLC Russian Automation Technologies

Housing Digitization

Today, the company "Rustechnology" is actively working in various fields of industry and housing and communal services, and offers the latest developments in the field of metering automation, remote monitoring of process parameters, uninterrupted and autonomous power supply for the household sector and industrial telemetry systems.

Efficiency and Reliability

Our solutions can reduce operating costs, quickly obtain reliable information, keep current records and settlements for resources between the supplier and the consumer, as well as increase the security and operational reliability of the housing system.


Innovative Solutions

The whole range of solutions we offer has been tested at a number of large energy and utilities enterprises for over 20 years and are successfully operated by industrial customers.

Telemetry System

Autonomous telemetry systems for the domestic and industrial sectors based on wireless BBT units and modules.

Smart Abonent

A system of control and accounting of energy resources and a mobile application for managing household engineering systems and paying for utilities.

Data Center

Protected data centers on Astra Linux SE and the virtualization and management software package.

Industrial Automation

Automation, systems and services for controlling parameters (monitoring, leaflet, graphs, events), a collection server from resource accounting nodes.

Telemetry Power Systems

Telemetry autonomous power systems, solar power, LiFe4Pol and LTO power supply modules.

High Precision Electrical Equipment

High precision voltage regulators and uninterruptible power supplies (mobile monitoring, telemetry module, USB port).


Over 100,000 devices already installed

Installed telemetry units and modules are actively used by industrial and domestic consumers in several regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

Product Details

Implementation of digitalization and energy efficiency programs

The company's hardware and software systems implement the main decrees of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin on the implementation of digitalization and energy efficiency programs:

  • Digitalization Presidential Decree of May 9, 2017 No. 203 “On the Strategy for the Development of the Information Society in the Russian Federation for 2017 - 2030”.
  • Federal Law of November 23, 2009 N 261-ФЗ (as amended on July 26, 2019) "On Energy Saving and on Improving Energy Efficiency and on Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation".
  • Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 7, 2018 No. 204. “On national goals and strategic objectives of the development of the Russian Federation for the period until 2024”. "Ensuring information security on the basis of domestic developments in the transfer, processing and storage of data" ... "On the establishment of a ban on the admission of software originating from foreign countries, for the purpose of procurement to meet state and municipal needs."
  • Federal Law of December 27, 2018 N 522-ФЗ "On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in Connection with the Development of Electric Energy (Power) Metering Systems in the Russian Federation".

Our Partners

We cooperate with leading gas supply companies, manufacturers of energy meters, telecommunications and housing and communal services companies, develop and implement partnership programs that contribute to the dynamic and successful development of our joint business.