Automation and Dispatch

System of automation and dispatching of resource allocation points

The system provides increased safety of energy supply, reliability of equipment operation, reduced risk of accidents and anticipation of critical situations dangerous to human life and health.

The developed automation and dispatching system has been under commercial operation for more than 18 years.

More than 20 years of experience in the construction of autonomous power supply systems was used by our specialists to draw up options for hydraulic fracturing automation using batteries:

  • Power supply of hydraulic fracturing telemetry with backup from 1 to 2 months using AGM Gel battery (low cost, poor frost resistance, high mass, charge 10 hours).
  • Power supply of hydraulic fracturing telemetry from 1 to 12 months using LiFePo4 battery (high cost, frost resistance, fast charge 3 hours).
  • Autonomous power supply of hydraulic fracturing from solar panels with backup energy in the battery.

Monitored parameters:


Inlet and outlet pressure


Gas temperature, room temperature


Safety shutoff valve position


Door opening


Gas contamination concentration CH


Supply voltage, battery voltage

Advantages and scope

The hydraulic fracturing automation and telemetry system is designed to control hydraulic fracturing operation parameters and prompt response in case of emergency situations (parameters go beyond the set values).

The specialists of the service and technical support department in real time monitor the readings and parameters of gas metering stations, hydraulic fracturing, gas distribution stations equipped with gas correctors of various manufacturers using a single control and monitoring system.

  •  Online parameter control

    AGRP-2.120 telemetry system allows monitoring parameters with data accumulation with various time intervals, up to the on-line mode.

  •  Work in all weather conditions

    The use of special frost-resistant LiFePO4 batteries allows you to operate the system at temperatures below -30 ºC, without significantly reducing (degrading) the battery capacity.

  •  Prompt service

    The LiFePO4 battery charge takes no more than 3 hours (routine maintenance work on hydraulic fracturing). The low weight of the battery makes replacement easy. work can be done by 1 person.

You can familiarize yourself with the detailed table of parameters of hydraulic fracturing automation systems, depending on the required set of parameters and sensors, by downloading a PDF brochure with a description of the products, systems and software services of Rustechnology LLC.

Block diagram of a parameter control system

Key Features

Our solutions provide maximum system performance with minimal cost of devices and minimum requirements for the resources used.



Open source solution, the ability to easily upgrade the system.



7 language packs for web monitoring applications and user software.

100% RuSoft

100% RuSoft

Secured certified domestic operating system, DBMS and software.



Lack of third-party libraries, software modules and code bookmarks.

Full Cycle

Full Cycle

The full production cycle from design to the production of end devices.

Fast Start

Fast Start

Devices do not need additional settings and are 100% ready for work out of the box.

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