"Smart Abonent" System

Hardware-software complex of household automation “Smart Abonent”

The "Smart Abonent" hardware and software complex provides integrated management of home automation and energy resources, guarantees the safety of living and ensures the automatic transmission of meter readings to energy supplying companies.

The system automatically transfers the readings of electricity, gas, cold and hot water meters to the data collection servers of resource-supplying companies, ensuring timely and reliable data accounting.

The system operates on the basis of a web server built on a stack of open source technologies (Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL) and the user interface is a web application, so you can access the control from any device that has a web browser.

You can connect up to 10 additional control channels: turn on and turn off lighting and electrical appliances, open doors and gates, raise and lower blinds, and much more, and all this from your smartphone or computer.

The system includes:


Wireless telemetry units BBT


Wireless sensors and detectors


Mobile application


User account

Features and Benefits

The system controls the flow of gas, electricity, cold and hot water, heat energy, controls the microclimate (air conditioning, heating, ventilation), and also protects against leaks of natural and liquefied gas, smoke and power surges, signals flooding and water leakage.

  •  Safety of living

    The owner is notified of the events occurring in the house (triggering of a security or fire alarm, etc.). Residents and management companies are always aware of emergency situations in the apartment.

  •  Invalid data exclusion

    The exclusion of inaccurate data exempts subscribers from visiting controllers to take readings and reconciliations with supplying companies for recalculations or tariff changes.

  •  Operational communication

    Communication and direct line with utilities, monitoring of repair requests, sealing and other additional services.

Key Features

Our solutions provide maximum system performance with minimal cost of devices and minimum requirements for the resources used.



Open source solution, the ability to easily upgrade the system.



7 language packs for web monitoring applications and user software.

100% RuSoft

100% RuSoft

Secured certified domestic operating system, DBMS and software.



Lack of third-party libraries, software modules and code bookmarks.

Full Cycle

Full Cycle

The full production cycle from design to the production of end devices.

Fast Start

Fast Start

Devices do not need additional settings and are 100% ready for work out of the box.

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