Telemetry System

Automated data collection

The "Rustechnology" telemetry system is a system of automated data collection on gas consumption (cold and hot water, electricity) from household and industrial metering stations based on BBT communication modules, and is designed to control the operating parameters of metering devices and transmit information received, using the GSM / GPRS / NB-IoT standards, to the data collection server and the workstation of operators, as well as other users of the telemetry system.

Indications are automatically transmitted to the server for collecting and processing information according to the schedule specified by the administrator. To import data into the billing system of the enterprise, no more than 5 minutes of work of the AWP operator are required.

The system includes:


Wireless telemetry units BBT


Data Acquisition Server


Admin panel


User interface

System benefits

We offer a turnkey solution for gas meters Elster, Berestye, GazStroyNeft GSN, RusBelGaz, Signal, Vega, Vector-M, Grand. Server software is provided free of charge for the entire period of operation of the system.

  •  Full Automation of Resource Accounting

    Lack of inaccurate data and additional services in subscriber rooms. Automated control of resource consumption, viewing consumption schedules, notifications.

  •  Resource Security

    Prompt and reliable information about the consumption of natural gas, hot and cold water, electricity, the ability of subscribers to self-control through a mobile application.

  •  Integration with Billing Systems and 1C

    The system allows you to control consumption and generate current accounts for payment for actually consumed energy (gas, water, electricity) based on the data received.

  •  Cost Optimization

    Minimization of maintenance costs and optimization of equipment operation due to intelligent control algorithms.

Key Features

Our solutions provide maximum system performance with minimal cost of devices and minimum requirements for the resources used.



Open source solution, the ability to easily upgrade the system.



7 language packs for web monitoring applications and user software.

100% RuSoft

100% RuSoft

Secured certified domestic operating system, DBMS and software.



Lack of third-party libraries, software modules and code bookmarks.

Full Cycle

Full Cycle

The full production cycle from design to the production of end devices.

Fast Start

Fast Start

Devices do not need additional settings and are 100% ready for work out of the box.

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